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Phoenix Rising is a gem nestled in the 500 Seneca building, that offers Massage Therapy and Chiropractic care. Phoenix Rising houses several highly trained independent contractors that are NYS licensed massage therapists who specialize in a variety of different massage techniques. Discover the type of massage that best suits you with our friendly and knowledgeable therapists. Phoenix Rising Therapeutic also houses another independent business, Covell Chiropractic. Dr. Brenda Covell D.C has been at the Phoenix hub since 2016.

Whether you are just looking to relax and have some 'me time', or are looking to treat chronic pain, we can help find the right type of massage for you.

Did you know massages are not just for relaxing?  Services are available for both relaxation and therapeutic benefits. Specific Independent Contractor therapists also take insurance, so ask your insurance provider if massage therapy is covered for you.   

Please, no walks ins.  Services are by appointment only, so contact us for an appointment today!  We can schedule you in as little as 24 hours. A cancellation fee of 35 dollars will apply if you cancel without 24 hours notice.



Our Services


custom massage

Whether you are seeking massage treatments for general relaxation and stress relief, or to target certain areas of chronic pain, our therapists have a variety of techniques and modalities to suit your needs.

30 min $45

45 min $60

60 min $80

75 min $90

90 min $100

Couples massage

This treatment involves two tables set up in one treatment room side by side as each individual receives a Swedish massage by their own therapist.  Being in the same space and receiving massage together offers a unique connection between the two individuals.

60 min therapy (per couple) $160



This form of bodywork combines acupressure, Indian ayurvedic principles and assisted yoga postures.  The practitioner will pull, compress and stretch your muscles while you remain fully clothed.  This takes place on either a table or on thai mats on the floor.  Gym clothes are required.

90 min therapy  $100


Prenatal massage

The techniques used in this massage is to help ease tension and address the unique aches and pains that go along with pregnancy.  Please consult your physician before seeking massage if you are pregnant.

30 min therapy $40
60 min therapy $80



Our chiropractic services are tailored to each individual's needs.

New Patient Visit $85

At your first appointment Dr. Covell will review your health history, perform a detailed exam and provide a consultation regarding appropriate care and treatment.
Expect about 40 min for this visit.

New Patient Pregnancy Visit $85

These appointments include review of health history, detailed exam and treatment consultation with special emphasis on the particular needs of the pregnant patient. Kids are welcome to accompany mom!

Follow-up Visit & Follow-up Pregnancy Visit $45

These visits will be scheduled as per your individualized treatment plan. Therapeutic muscle work and chiropractic adjustments will be used to address your condition. 
20 minute appointment


Health Insurance

Some of our therapists are providers with Blue Cross & Blue Shield.  Call the number on the back of your card and verify that you qualify. They will tell you what your copay is and the duration of the session.  We also accept the  Independent Health "Flex Fit" card and the Univera Wellness card.  

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact us at:

A missed appointment is a loss to us both. Please provide 24 hours notice if a cancellation is necessary, otherwise you may be subject to a fee of $35 for massage and $20 for chiropractic visits.
Sessions that begin late due to client tardiness will end at the scheduled time, and are full price for the time slot scheduled.


Professional People Greeter

Mrs. Bean


Mrs. Bean is our faithful, professional people greeter and number one canine good citizen. She loves fetch, treats and kisses. She was rescued and now fully embraces her new role as a therapy dog. Everyday we wonder who rescued who?



Brenda Covell D.C.


Dr. Brenda Covell is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College and brings her unique skill set and training to the Phoenix Rising family.  

Dr. Covell can add a clinical approach to your therapy.  She treats using a variety of adjustment and soft tissue techniques to address the underlying cause of pain or discomfort. Spine health is vital to overall health and proper nervous system function. Chiropractic adjustments can eliminate symptoms such as pain in the back, neck and jaw, sciatica, headaches, and low back and hip pain associated with pregnancy. Athletes can also benefit from reduced injuries and greater mobility with regular chiropractic care.

Dr. Covell will provide a detailed exam and consultation to help determine what chiropractic can do for you. 

Combining the skills of massage from the LMT's and now Dr. Brenda's unique and individualized chiropractic work, truly rounds out Phoenix Rising and brings you a holistic approach to your wellness.




erika felicetta, LMT


After a decade of experience in massage therapy, earning her degree at the New York Institute of Massage, Erika decided to embark on the rewarding and demanding career of owning and running Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork studio.  The studio first opened in the Elmwood Village, but they quickly grew out of their original location, thanks to the satisfied and dedicated clients that came back week after week.  To accommodate all their loyal clients, Phoenix Rising has moved closer to downtown Buffalo, in the newly renovated 500 Seneca St building.  Needless to say, this huge accomplishment is only one small facet of Erika's capabilities and talents.

A massage therapist for nearly a decade, she is a master of her trade.  She listens to what her clients need, and can modify her services to make sure whatever her clients are in need of for that session. They leave satisfied- whether the goal was simple relaxation or working out a tough body part that is in need of some focused attention.



Jeremy springer, LMT


Wellness is achieved through a balanced awareness of mind, body, and that which connects the two, our spirit.  Massage has been and always will be a fantastic tool to quiet, calm and rejuvenate all aspects of one's self. 

As a massage practitioner, Jeremy  aims to provide his clients with an experience that allows them to achieve this balance holistically. The services he provides include Swedish, Therapeutic Deep Tissue, Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, and Thai / Medical Stretch and Release techniques. If you're not sure which service would be best for you, let him help you figure out which therapy would best suit your needs.

Jeremy's skills and training will help to restore balance and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.  

eric bamberg, LMT


After 25 years as a graphic designer/printer and a long history as an entrepreneur, Eric attended The New York Institute of Massage, a very science based school with a heavy focus on Myology and Neurology. His attention to detail and technical/mechanical abilities are all elements he brings to his life as an LMT.

Eric likes to break a client's physical situation down, find out what they want and need. Drawing from his past, he uses a freeform artistic approach to deliver the best of his skills,  resulting in a multi-modality session, retaining the client for the future of their physical plan. What that means is that, possibly mid session he may change hats in order to get the client a better result. The body is always changing and so should the therapy.

"Let's not forget however that massage just feel great. Depending on tolerances, I can adjust from light to very heavy pressure at your request. Whether it be a bio-mechanical dysfunction or seeking a time for relaxation, either way, I believe that I can help you." -Eric



Rachel Meade, LMT

Aspiring to be an outlet for healing, Rachel went to Ithaca in 2011 to attend the Finger Lakes School of Massage.  Her approach to bodywork is unhurried, permitting her client's time to relax. Using a fusion of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Stretching and Energy Work, Rachel hopes to bring awareness to one's body.  Drawing upon her interest for details, she creates a unique session for each client.

Monica Dulanski, LMT

Monica Bio Pic.jpg

Monica has been a massage therapist since graduating from Morrisville State College in 2012. Her focus is first and foremost on the comfort of her clients, using a variety of modalities and techniques to ease into trouble spots, identify the cause, and give follow-up advice. Whether seeking massage for relaxation or therapeutic benefits, each session is tailored to the individual and the issues they present with in that moment.





Phoenix Rising
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I have seen Eric twice over the last month. The first time was simply a great, full-body massage. Afterwards, I was able to identify where my real trouble spots were. On the second visit, I pointed them out to him, and he took care of them. The past week has been wonderful! The pain is gone, and I can’t wait for my next visit. The price is very reasonable, the office is lovely, and the added touches of a heated massage table and blanket make for a relaxing hour on even the coldest of Buffalo days.
— Scott V.
My recent massage was all I needed to alleviate a sciatic pain. Erika is amazing. Truly talented and professional as well as kind and intuitive.
— Karen R.
During massages at other practices I have felt as though they were going through a check-list and moving from area to area. Erika really listens to not only what you say but what your body is telling her and treats you accordingly. I leave each time feeling as though I have had a truly unique treatment tailored to what I really needed. Having had a history of back problems I was thrilled with how much this has helped with lasting effects. The space is professional, but modern, clean, comfortable and inviting. Nothing more cozy in the swirling Buffalo snow than to leave her office with a bottle of water and that warm, glowing, renewed feeling.
— HollyQuin R.
I am hooked. They are so knowledgable about the human body’s muscles and gives awesome advice on how to stay relaxed in between sessions. The massage is tailor made just for you and how your muscles are that day, which they can read like a book. I can honestly say that I can feel the difference and I would recommend Phoenix Rising to anyone in a heartbeat.
— Meghan H.
We were comfortable from the moment we walked in to the moment we left. They were the perfect mix between professional and warm - as was the room itself. It was the most relaxing hour of the month for sure!
— Bethany M.
My first appointment with Erika today was far and away my BEST experience/therapeutic massage. I’ve had countless massages all over the world. Additionally, I’m 3 1/2 months out from a major shoulder surgery and a fairly new, very painful hip flexor issue. Erika used the perfect combination of communication, touch, pressure and stretching. Not a run of the mill massage. I never expected to feel this good. It’s clear she takes pride in hr business and her profession.
— Laura S.




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A missed appointment is a loss to us both. Please provide 24 hours notice if a cancellation is necessary, otherwise you may be subject to a fee of $35 for massage and $20 for chiropractic visits.

Sessions that begin late due to client tardiness will end at the scheduled time, and are full price for the time slot scheduled.


To find out more about our services, or have a question?  Let us know!